Nursing Home Alternatives in Kansas City

Case Study: Sara’s Father

“No matter what happens to me, I don’t want to go into a nursing home,” Sara’s* father told her.

She remembered visiting her Aunt Rose in a nursing home, where her aunt had lost her bearings entirely, since dementia had wiped her mind clean of memories. Sara’s father must have recalled this image as well: a once capable, active, intelligent woman who had turned into a terrified elderly lady in a wheelchair, parked in the nursing home hallway.

“I don’t want to be in a nursing home like Aunt Rose,” he repeated.

Sara filed this information away, but came back to it when her father required memory care in Kansas City himself, and was unable to manage his care alone.

Thoughtful Health Care Provides Private Duty In-Home Care

Sara and her brother contacted Thoughtful Healthcare to see how their in-home care services worked. She spoke with a case management professional who scheduled a meeting in her father’s home, where an assessment of her dad’s needs was undertaken. What health concerns were there? Which medication and therapy protocols were in place? Was he capable of driving himself? What fall or health hazards existed in the home? Did he need a caregiver at night? These questions and others helped to shape a plan, which the case manager presented to Sara’s family.

Now, after several months of implementing the in-home care plan, Sara’s father is able to maintain his lifestyle, get the care he needs, while living in his home. Sara has a good relationship with the caregivers, who can tell her exactly how her dad is doing any given day. Her father’s wish has come true—aging at home has brought him the peace and contentment that he longed for. Contact us today for more information.

*Based on real events. All names have been changed.