Busted! Don’t Believe These Home Care Myths!

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Home care services are specially designed for aging seniors and anyone with conditions that require special therapies or vigilant monitoring. They provide individuals with personalized care to live independently and with dignity. Moreover, a home care aide ensures quality care, relief for family and friends, and a balanced care plan for everyone involved.

Although home care provides several benefits to seniors and other individuals who need help with daily activities, there are several misconceptions prevalent amongst laypersons regarding home care services. To help you steer clear of these misconceptions, Thoughtful Healthcare has debunked three of the most widely believed myths about home care.

Myth 1: In-home care is more expensive than senior living
This is not true. For families new to the idea of in-home care, it may be easy to think it’s a huge financial commitment. However, in-home care is actually far more affordable than most people believe. It allows aging loved ones to stay independent in their own home rather than spending on a care facility where their independence is hindered.

Myth 2: All caregivers are thieves and will steal everything in sight
The truth is that individuals hiring caregivers should perform thorough background checks and vet their caregivers. In most cases, caregivers are required to pass standards like background and competency tests before interacting with clients. So one must make sure to hire a reputable in-home care service provider who will meet their loved one’s needs while also being trustworthy and reliable.

Myth 3: The service provided at home is below the standard of services provided in hospitals
This happens when the wrong agency is hired to provide care. Many people simply hire an agency based on cost. This is the wrong way to go about it. If an agency is a low-cost service provider, they are not paying their aides well, leading to low-quality care. The agency may also not be covered under the appropriate insurance plan and will be making decisions based on profit, not what is ethical or best for the client. Ask for and expect the agency to provide reviews from past and current clients to learn more about their level of care and quality of services.

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